Benefits of Medication Synchronization


The Centers for Disease and Control has reported that those with chronic medications account for 86% of America’s total healthcare expenses. Yet, only 50% of these patients take their prescriptions properly due to various reasons (e.g., forgetfulness, complicated medication regimens).

You may be one of them. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your medications, your retail pharmacy in Colton, California can help you properly manage your prescriptions through our medication synchronization program.

Medication synchronization (or “med sync”) is a program that allows you to pick up all your medication refills at the pharmacy on a single day each month as may be convenient and cost-efficient for you. Doing so saves you time and energy since there is less of a need for you to call in and pick up separate, multiple refills. It also provides you with the opportunity to work closely with your pharmacists on how best you can take your prescribed medications. The monthly routine of checking in with our attentive, detail-oriented pharmacists can help them identify changes and potential issues in your therapy and focus on the quality of health care you are receiving.

All you have to do is enroll in our med sync program and our pharmacy staff will organize a plan to synchronize your monthly prescriptions. When your scheduled day arrives, you can just pick up your prescriptions at once. You can also ask the pharmacist any questions related to your medication.

Adhering to your medication routines—and sticking to them—is crucial to prevent the occurrence of serious side effects. At Cooley Health Pharmacy, we provide quality services and medical supplies in California to ensure that you and your family achieve the best results you can possibly get from your prescriptions.

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