Erectile Dysfunction (ED): How Can Your Doctor’s Diagnosis Help?


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to participate in sexual activities due to the consistent challenge to have and maintain an erection. While this becomes more common as men age, many young men today also endure erection troubles. Yet, most men feel reluctant to discuss it with their doctors.

According to a health report published by Harvard Medical School, if you have concerns regarding your sexual performance, you should discuss it with your doctor—even when you feel embarrassed! ED may be a reflection of other medical issues that need to be treated quickly. It’s also a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases since it usually results from poor blood flow. Consulting your doctor can help you find not just the cause of and possible treatments for your ED; it can also alert you to any serious illness you may have.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to schedule an appointment with your physician. They will want to ask questions about your symptoms and your sexual, medical, and psychosocial history, so best prepare a list of your key personal information beforehand. The questions may feel personal, but answering them honestly will help your doctor determine the causes of your troubles and the treatments that can be administered. You’ll also have to undergo a comprehensive physical examination.

Many effective treatments are available for ED, such as oral medications and medical devices (e.g., penis pumps, implants). If you have been prescribed with these kinds of treatments, you can easily get them at our retail pharmacy in Colton, California. Cooley Health Pharmacy provides quality services and medical supplies in California to help our clients attain the best quality of life. For further information about the services we offer, you can call us at 909-514-1730 or visit our pharmacy anytime.

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