Generic Drugs: The Benefits They Can Offer Patients


Individuals with a medical condition may need a prescription drug from a pharmacy in order to manage their symptoms and improve their overall comfort. But with the high costs that are typically associated with prescription medications, it can be challenging for them to follow their doctor’s directives.

In such a case, a retail pharmacy in Colton, California would recommend that these individuals opt for generic drugs, as it can provide them with the following benefits:

  • Generic drugs work just as well as their brand-name counterparts

    Generic medications are FDA-approved alternatives for patients. These drugs are similar to their brand-name counterparts in a number of ways, such as form dosage, strength, safety, quality, intended use, and performance characteristics.

  • Generic medications can help patients save a lot of money

    According to the FDA, generic medications can cost around 85 percent less than the medicines they are made to duplicate. How is this possible? The studies conducted with brand-name medications do not have to be replicated with their bioequivalent generic counterpart, which greatly helps in cutting their cost.

  • Patients can find a generic equivalent easily

    Patients do not need to look far to find alternatives to the most popular brand-name medications. There is a large number of popular prescriptions with quality generic equivalents available in the market.

  • Generic drugs can help patients with their medication compliance

    One main reason why patients abandon their prescriptions is that of their high copays. With generic drugs, patients are given a more affordable and accessible option, which can increase the probability that they will comply with doctor-recommended care.

As a pharmacy that cares about helping you achieve an optimal level of health, Cooley Health Pharmacy offers a selection of quality generic medications, prescription services, and medical supplies in California.

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