Healthy Ways for a Happy Heart

Healthy Ways for a Happy Heart

A new therapy called Statin Therapy has been slowly introduced to help people in advanced age lower heart risks. The, a journal dedicated to supporting and raising awareness for heart health considers Statin Therapy as an effective way of taking medication to help reducing cholesterol levels.

Statin Therapy to reduce cholesterol has been shown to reduce mortality even when started over the age of 80 years, and in these individuals, lipid levels similar to those in younger persons are targeted.”, according to this journal.

Along with this new process of achieving heart health, simple and basic heart-healthy habits can also make huge benefits. Even during the golden years, it’s never too late to make changes for your body and health by starting a lifestyle that prioritizes health.

As your Retail Pharmacy in Colton, California, we’ve put up recommendations for older adults. We recommend that you should start:

  • Lessening or reducing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking
  • Seeking advice about medication that helps control heart-related diseases
  • Doing a proper diet and healthy meals
  • Enhancing physical activity
  • Maintaining a healthy weight

Each of us incorporates and applies these healthy measures to guarantee a healthy heart no matter what age may be. Medications, vitamins, and Medical Supplies in California are available at Cooley Health Pharmacy; assuring high quality of products and excellent customer services.

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