How to Make Sure That You Get Good Medical Care


Patients themselves have a significant role in making sure that they are receiving excellent medical care, whether they are in their healthcare practitioners’ offices or in a retail pharmacy in Colton, California. Your healthcare professionals alone cannot take on the responsibility of providing you with exceptional health care; you need to put an effort, too!

To help you, our professional and friendly staff at Cooley Health Pharmacy has listed down a few pieces of advice:

Have a primary healthcare practitioner.

This step is particularly true if you are dealing with more than one chronic illness. The more complicated your health status is, the higher are your chances of needing to see more than one health specialist. It is, therefore, advisable that you consult a primary care physician who can help you facilitate the sometimes irregular communication among your health care providers and coordinate your care.

Keep copies of your own medical files.

If you have been prescribed medicines or other medical supplies in California by more than one health specialist, secure a personal copy of your medical records and bring it with you to all your medical appointments. Doing so ensures that you can promptly share important information about your health if the healthcare professional you are visiting isn’t up to speed.

See to it that you acquire the results of your medical tests.

Many patients assume that everything is fine when they haven’t been called in for their medical test results. As your leading pharmacy, we recommend that you not make the same error. A 2013 study has shown that organizational systems fail in approximately one-third of primary care physicians’ offices; this is one of the major causes of delays in care, so make sure to ask when you can get your results. If you haven’t heard from your providers within the expected time frame, call their office.

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