Mistakes Patients Often Commit when Making a Doctor’s Appointment (Part Two)


We at Cooley Health Pharmacy aim to provide client-centered pharmaceutical care for our clients’ satisfaction and peace of mind. In line with this, we are providing below the common mistakes that you may be committing when making a visit to your healthcare providers:

  • Not keeping track of medication allergies that you are having

    As an excellent retail pharmacy in Colton, California, we advise that you actually keep track of any allergies that you may be experiencing in response to the various prescriptions that you are taking. Otherwise, it will be difficult for your physicians to come up with a treatment plan that is appropriate for you. There are already a lot of ways in which you can keep track of your allergies. For instance, you can download apps which can help you keep track of your medication list, medication allergies, and others.

  • Not disclosing complete information about your medical history

    Healthcare professionals routinely ask questions about a patient’s sexual history, drug history, and family history in order to obtain the latter’s complete medical history. But we find that sometimes, some patients leave out critical details for fear of being judged or simply because they were embarrassed. As your local, dependable pharmacy, we advise that you divulge your complete records as much as possible. Your physicians need all the important details of your history so that they can provide you with the best quality of care.

  • Not bringing your medical records from your previous healthcare providers

    As a provider of quality medical supplies in California, we have noticed that one of the most common mistakes clients commit is assuming that their new physicians don’t need to know about past diagnoses. However, you need to bring your previous records with you so that your new healthcare professionals will know what to anticipate about your health status as they tend to your medical care needs.

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