Ways to Manage Your Diabetes


When you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you may feel nervous and upset at first. You may be afraid of what the future holds for you. However, as any retail pharmacy in Colton, California would tell you, you will be able to live a long, quality life in spite of your condition by making changes to your lifestyle.

Here are some tips to help you manage your diabetes:

  • Exercise regularly

    By having regular physical activity, you will be able to keep your blood sugar levels stabilized and ease your stress. Set aside some of your time for exercise. But this does not mean that you have to go to a gym. You can get the workout you need by taking the stairs instead of riding an elevator or by jogging around the park.

  • Have a well-balanced diet

    Collaborate with your healthcare team to develop a diabetes meal plan that works for you. Your diet should include less sodium and calories and more fiber. Also, instead of grabbing a soda when you are thirsty, drink water instead to keep you hydrated.

  • Stop smoking and drink alcohol in moderation

    Smoking can result in diabetes complications. Therefore, you should find a way to get rid of this habit. In addition, excessive drinking causes your liver to work on removing the alcohol from your blood instead of regulating your blood sugar.

  • Know what to do every day

    Take your diabetes medications as prescribed by your doctor. If you have any concerns about your medication, such as adverse effects, then you can ask qualified pharmacy staff for advice. You should also monitor your blood sugar, ideally once or more times a day.

If you are living with diabetes, then you can count on Cooley Health Pharmacy for support. We provide pharmacist consultations, medications, and medical supplies in California, including diabetic care supplies, to help you manage your condition.

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