Why Should You Avail of a Generic Plan?

Why Should You Avail of a Generic Plan

Prescription drugs are an important part of health care. However, they can be very pricey when you are under medication for a certain length of time.

Actually, wanting to become healthier and more fit does not have to be costly. Your retail pharmacy in Colton, California can help you take control of your pains and discomforts at a much lower price—without having to sacrifice the quality of your medications! At Cooley Health Pharmacy, we firmly believe that price alone does not necessarily measure how effective a specific medicine is. For this reason, we offer Generic Plans that cater to your needs.

If branded drugs take more money out of your pocket than you would like to spend, our pharmacy has a wide range of high-quality generic medications that fit your budget. Generic drugs essentially utilize the same active ingredients that branded products use, but they cost significantly less. You do not need to be apprehensive when you use the generic equivalent of your prescribed medications since both generic and branded drugs share the same degree of purity, effectiveness, quality, and safety. In essence, this means that your level of treatment as a patient is fully maintained.

Generic Plans are a great alternative for you to save up on your prescription expenses since you’re buying the less expensive generic counterparts of your medications in bulk. We have generic brands for treating a large variety of health conditions and we also provide other medical supplies in California, so you have a full assortment of options to choose from. If you’d like to know more about our products and services, give us a call at 909-514-1730!

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