Why Should You Take a Peek at Your Medical Records?


“Knowledge is power”―or so the saying goes. Yet, most people do not even have the slightest hint about what their own medical records contain. At Cooley Health Pharmacy, we firmly believe that it is essential for patients to be aware of their own medical data since adequate clinical information are vital components of receiving safe, quality, and effective health care. After all, your medical files give your healthcare professionals a window into your own health history, thus, diminishing the risks for medical errors.

According to the Medical Protection Society, a medical record refers to any pertinent data recorded by a patient’s health care practitioners during or after a consultation, examination, and/or application of health management. Such records cover a wide array of documents that are related to the patient’s care, including, among others, referral letters, laboratory reports, audio-visual records, clinical research forms, clinical trial data, autopsy reports, and other notes and forms taken by previous and present health care providers. As an outstanding retail pharmacy in Colton, California, we recommend that you take the initiative to know your own health information in order to ensure that you remain safe and in excellent health.

In addition, it is unlikely for all of your medical files to be stored in the hands of just one health care practitioner given that most patients have previous medical history in multiple health care facilities. This makes it necessary for you to get a copy of your own medical records. By knowing the things that are in and should not be in your medical information, you can easily spot any errors in your care plans. It also prepares you for any health emergency that would require quality services and medical supplies in California.

Do you have any questions about your own health files? Give us a call or visit our pharmacy anytime.

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